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Cosmetic Dentistry


Are you happy with the shape, colour or position of your teeth? We offer many solutions to your esthetic concerns. Our doctors provide services including, crowns or caps, veneers, whitening and composite/tooth-coloured restorations. We will also work with you to help facilitate the straightening and positioning of your teeth.

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry


We complete comprehensive treatment on all patients of all ages to help improve the smiles of every member of the family. Children, adults and seniors are all welcome. We hope to see you soon!

Dental Cleaning

Dental Cleaning – Teeth Scaling and Polish


The hygienists at Grand River Smiles Dentistry perform scaling and root planning as well as polishing and fluoride application. They will evaluate your teeth as well as clean and polish them. At times, deep scaling or deep cleaning may be required and freezing may be recommended. Our hygiene team can also advise and perfect your homecare techniques including brushing and flossing. They are happy to answer all your questions – and yes, our hygienists can tell if you have not been flossing!

Treatment Planning

Treatment Planning


We offer time for consultation after dental examinations when additional explanation of a treatment or procedure is recommended by the doctor.  We are happy to schedule time to review treatment, options and price with an experienced member of our team.


Preventative Procedures


In addition to your own good oral health habits, that include regular brushing and flossing and your regular recommended cleanings, what else can you do to prevent future disease in your mouth? Oral cancer screenings with your regular check-ups, self-checks at home, in-office fluoride treatment, fluoride toothpaste and sealants on the deep grooves of molars all help to keep your oral health in check.

Fillings or Restoration

Filling or Restoration


Teeth may require a filling or restoration for several reasons including trauma and cavities. At Grand Smiles Dentistry, the doctors address the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth and work to repair and restore function, form and esthetics.




A crown may be the appropriate procedure when a large portion of the tooth has been lost due to fracture or cavities. It can also be recommended for teeth that have large fillings or root canal treatment and are now more prone to fracture. The crown acts as a cap, holding the tooth together and allowing forces to be more evenly distributed across the tooth. A crown can help to prevent the tooth from further damage. There are different materials of crowns used depending on the condition of the tooth and the patient’s preference.




Certain foods and beverages stain your teeth over time. Teeth can also naturally darken with age. Ask your dentist about the options for whitening that can bring out the best in your smile. At Grand Smiles Dentistry we have many options for stain removal and tooth whitening.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

Replacement of Missing teeth


Does a missing tooth make you feel self-conscious? Do missing teeth interfere with your ability to chew? At Grand River Smiles Dentistry, our doctors have experience with multiple procedures to replace missing teeth including implants, bridges or dentures:


  • Implants:  Are a fixed option for replacement of missing teeth. This procedure includes the placement of an implant (artificial root) into your bone followed by time to allow for healing around the implant. The result functions like a natural tooth.
  • Bridge: This is another fixed option for the replacement of missing teeth. This procedure includes the preparation of the teeth on either side of the space for crowns (or caps). The crown is then cemented (attached) between the teeth filling the space and creating a permanent bond.
  • Denture: This is a removable option for the replacement of missing teeth. This is most cost effective but the least functional of all three options. While a denture can replace multiple teeth, it will require removal in order to clean and maintain.


Removal or Extraction of Teeth


While it is always our priority to preserve the health and integrity of your teeth, they may require extraction or removal due to decay (cavities), gum disease (periodontitis), trauma, positioning or space.

Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment


Root canal therapy may be a treatment option for teeth with large cavities that extend to the central nerve of the tooth or trauma that has severed the nerve of the tooth. Root canal therapy is a process that involves cleaning out the center of the tooth and then disinfecting the dead nerve. 

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies


We do treat most dental emergencies and try our best for same day appointments.

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